How It All Began
​REACH AFRICA NOW, INC. was born out of my first trip to Nigeria,  West Africa in August of 2001 when, at the invitation of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, founder and general overseer of Deeper Christian Life Ministries, I was privileged to be one of the presenters at the 6-day Success Academy for Youths 2001 (SAY2001), a gathering of between 60-80,000 high school and college age youths at the National Soccer Stadium in Lagos, Nigeria. Travels since then have taken me back to Nigeria several times, as well as to Senegal, Kenya, ​and Tanzania.​​​​​​
     Reach Africa Now!
                             ​Sharing the love of Christ with the nations of Africa
               Two Basic Objectives - Strong Churches & Sound Christian Educational Programs
      ​Believing that the greatest forces for good in any nation are its churches and its children & youth, R.A.N. is committed to:
​​      1.​ Assisting local pastors in building strong and doctrinally sound congregations by means of Pastors & Christian Leaders
          Training Conferences...
2. Helping build Christian Day Schools to properly educate children and youth who can grow up to become leaders who
    are marked by moral, spiritual and academic excellence in leading their nations to a new and better future.​​​
Ibadan, Nigeria

Day Spring Christian School in Morogoro, Tanzania Bldg 1, Grades 1-4 completed; R.A.N. is helping complete Bldg 2, Grades 5-8 by July, 2013​ in 
partnership with Calvary Assembly of God Churches ​(CAG) of Tanzania.
Protege Faith Academy at Idi-Amu Village, Oyo State, Nigeria - a project of Word Communication Ministries
with which R.A.N. is partnering​ to help complete as 
soon as possible due to the urgency of the students' needs.​
Reach Africa Now!
Sharing the love of Christ with the nations of Africa
                      A Christian Medical Center  in Yola, Nigeria

​​​​3. A Christian Medical Center currently nearing completion under the supervision of Bishop Peter Makano, founding and
    Senior Pastor of  the Upper Room Cathedral of the Holy Spirit located in ​Yola, Nigeria.  The construction phase of this
    60-80 bed medical facility is now nearing completion, to be followed by Phase 2 - equipping the facility with everything
    needed to make it fully operational.​​​